The Speech and Language Clinic provide therapy to children in their own school. Many parents do not have the time in their schedule to take their child to therapy sessions. It isn’t always easy to take time of work and this is where the Speech and Language Clinic can help.

School Speech Therapy

  • Assessment & therapy provision in a child’s school
  • Assessment of children to support applications for resource teaching and learning support.
  • Language assessment to determine eligibility for a language class.
  • Speech & Language assessments can support applications for technology grants (computer/software) based on the communication needs of a child.
  • Availability to attend individualised education plan (IEP) where goals are made to help a child across all areas of development in the school environment.
  • Staff training can be provided in pre schools/schools. This could involve teaching staff how to identify speech and language difficulties in children, or how to implement speech & language therapy programmes.

The advantages for parents are:

  1. They don’t have to take time off work to travel to a clinic for appointments.
  2.  Their child misses less time off school.
  3.  It costs less as therapist has no overhead expenses.
  4.  School staff are more aware of a child’s particular strengths & weaknesses.
  5.  There is a therapist on hand to give advice and recommendations to staff.

Currently, I am working in Ballinahinch National School and I am actively engaging with other schools to bring my services to them.

As a parent, if you feel this service is suitable for you and your child, please call me to discuss therapy options.

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