Please feel free to join in with many of our client’s who wish to ask questions. Sometimes it might be best to book an assessment but if I can help you with some questions beforehand then great!

Many parents have questions that they would like to ask but do not know where to go. For example, how do I know my child needs speech therapy? How do I recognise the signs? If this is you, submit your question and we are all ears!

To share information, I will also add questions that I have been asked over the years and provide you with related advice and practical tips. So check this section from time to time to find useful speech and language information.

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You can also find questions and answers on Speech and Language Therapy on our Facebook Page

Frances O’Brien is qualified in speech and language therapy. Answers to questions posted on this website from Frances O’Brien are titled ‘admin’ and therefore cannot take responsibility for other answers posted by other users. We will do all we can to block bad content but if for some reason we get spam, we sincerely apologies. In all cases, we do recommend an assessment for your children if you feel they are not developing with their speech and language.